Refinishing a Vintage Dresser - Dashner Designs - One of the best DIY restoration channels on Youtube

While we don't use all or the same refinishing products here at Kollektion, the overall goal is similar. Dashner Design & Restoration is a very DIY friendly Youtube channel and has fantastic advice for the DIY types. He is able to get excellent refinishing results in simple, easy to follow steps. We like this video because it covers many of the issues commonly seen with vintage furniture. And beyond that, the repairs can give you a quick overview of what to keep an eye on when shopping for your own pieces.

In this video he covers these topics and more:

Paint scrapers for finish removal (1:20)

Sanding (1:45)

Crack repair in solid wood (2:22)

Dovetail joint repair (3:55)

Veneer chip repair by filling (4:45)

Inpainting a cross grain scratch (12:40)

Mounting bolt replacement on legs (14:40)

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